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    1. Rubber Compounds for Wire and Cable

      The company designs and manufactures rubber compounds for wire and cable insulation in accordance with European standards. The rubber compounds, mainly produced by blending CPE and EPDM, have good processing performance, excellent insulation performance and high resistance to air bombing aging, and in the meantime, their costs are greatly reduced (compared with using EPDM alone).

      Application fields

      • Used in the insulation layer of various cables required by European standards, and suitable for core wire materials of H05RR-F (YZ), H05RN-F (YZW), H07RN-F (YCW) and other specifications.

      • Used in the sheathing of wires (e.g. for electric tools and home appliances) required by European standards, and suitable for wire types including H05RR-F(YZ), H05RN-F(YZW), H07RN-F(YCW), etc.

      • Used in the insulation sheathing of wires of US standards for HPN105℃ and below and for the SJ series of 105℃and below, and able to replace chloroprene rubber (CR) and chlorosulfonated rubber (CSM).


      Customer message

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