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            Product center

            • Chlorinated Polyethylene Resin

              The chlorinated polyethylene thermoplastic resin as an excellent impact modifier is widely used in extrusion and injection of PVC products, including profile, pipe, plate and engineering plastic.

              Engineering plastic

              Chlorinated Polyethylene Rubber

              Due to the high heat-, oil-, and chemical-resistance and the excellent processing property, the chlorinated polyethylene rubber is widely used in rubber industry, such as wire/cable, hydraulic hose, conveyor belt, magnetic materials and rubber pieces.

              Hydraulic hose
              conveyor belt
            • Rubber Compounds for Wire and Cable

              It is used to produce various grades of wire/cable, and insulating and sheathing materials. It has good processing property, excellent insulated property and good aging resistance in the air bomb.

              Wire and Cable
              Sheath material

              Rubber Compounds for Hose

              Hose rubber compound has outstanding resistance to oil, heat, weather and different media, and is widely used in the auto hose, hydraulic hose, etc.

            • Co-crosslinking Agent (TAIC)

              It is widely used in thermoplastic, special rubber, ionic exchange resin, PCB epoxy base plate, solar cell EVA encapsulating film, etc.

              Co-crosslinking Agent (TAC)

              It is mainly used as the modifier of co-crosslinking agents and auxiliary curing agent for various thermoplastics and special rubbers.

            Technology and quality

            More >>

            Production and environmental protection

            • Chlorinated Polyethylene Manufacture Center

            • Rubber compound /raw rubber manufacture center

            • Processing aid manufacture center

            • Packing shop

            • Waste-treating equipment

            about us

            Established in 1999, Hangzhou Keli Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hangzhou Keli”) is a high-tech enterprise speci…
            • 1999

              Company establishment time

            • 535mu

              Company-occupied land

            • 150,000t

              Annual productivity of chlorinated polyethylene

            • 20,000t

              Annual productivity of rubber compound

            Contact address

            Headquarters address


            Add:Tangxin Road, Linjiang Hi-tech Industrial Park, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang


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